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Route Service – Our Specialty:

Coastal Ice Deliver Services - HoustonCourteous, uniformed drivers and equipment displaying company logo will deliver full service to your location. Whatever you need - from placing ice in the merchandisers, to pallets in yourfreezer; we've got you covered. Indoor and outdoor ice merchandisers are provided and maintained by us at no cost to our customer. Our goal is to keep you stocked with product so that you are not faced with the inconvenience of having to place a call to order additional ice. We deliver ice and the service that you should expect.

Bulk Ice Service - Largest equipment fleet in the City:

Bulk ice service is for customers requiring several thousand pounds of ice at a time. These orders usually require delivery by tractor trailer. Bulk orders can be placed in various bag sizes, ranging from 7lb. to 40lb. and are palletized for easier handling and delivery. Tractor trailer loads can hold up to 44,000 lbs. of ice and can be delivered and unloaded at your location or the trailer can be rented and remain on site if needed.

Commercial & Industrial Ice Service –
A Thousand Men, Multiple Sites, No Problem:

Commercial Ice Services - Coastal IceWe offer the same ice service to non-retail customers that use ice for their personal use. These services are often used at commercial and industrial businesses that have many employees who require a food grade ice for drinking water. These services can be provided at the primary business location, and also at temporary remote job sites. Ice merchandisers are provided and maintained at no charge to the customer, however, on ice service needs lasting less than six months, equipment delivery and pick up fees may apply. We deliver to remote sites such as (pipeline, oil and gas) outside the county.

Party & Event Ice Service – Extra Ice, Extra Storage:

Party and Event Ice Service - Extra StorageWhen your next event requires extra ice and additional storage for ice and other food products, we're your answer. This service is a great option for corporate functions, barbeque cook-off teams, restaurants and bars, school functions, sporting events, catering needs, family reunions, large parties or special day events that require large amounts of ice that will be left on the premises in a freezer/trailer. Trailers are powered by electricity and only require a 110 volt plug and a 20 amp breaker to operate. Delivery and pick up service is provided.


For more information on our ice products and equipment please call or email us today!

Since 1991 we have been proud to service Greater Houston's ice needs. Here are some recommendations from a few of our customers:

Food Town
“Scott McAlister has been my personal ice supplier for 20 years. He and his company, Coastal Ice, are currently servicing my grocery chain of 26 stores throughout the Houston area. His competitive pricing and dedication to service keeps us ahead of our competition. We look forward to a long future with him.”
- Ross Lewis

Dorsett Brothers Concrete Supply
“The demanding pace and large quantity of ice required by our company is critical to support temperature controlled concrete to our customers. Coastal Ice has been supplying our 16 concrete plants for over 12 years. We trust Coastal Ice not only with our business, but also with our customers. No question about it . . . they are the absolute best in the city!”
- Pat Hagerty

Texas Travel Plaza
“In the past 6 years, our business has become the fuel and supply compound for all law enforcement agencies during hurricanes and subsequent evacuations of the Houston area. Coastal Ice supplies us with tractor trailer loads of ice at all hours upon request. When you demand excellence in customer service and extreme performance, there is no match to this ice company.”
- Anand Patel